There are particular situations where it may be beneficial to use alternative means of communication to conduct therapy.

  • Vacation
  • Transportation
  • Convenience
  • Business travel
  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Comfort

When these occasions arise we have the ability to set you up with a video session from your current location to our office. The details will be discussed in a live session and when the occasion occurs simply push the start button to begin your session.


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Legal stuff:
These options have risks and benefits. The benefits are more obvious: convenience, comfort, ability to consult with counselor while on vacation or away on business etc. The risks may not be as obvious but it is important to be aware of them before engaging in internet therapy. We will discuss those in person.

Alternative internet therapy is not to be used in crisis or in an emergency situation. This service is only available on a case by case basis with clients who are already established and are not at any known risk/history of suicidal ideations or have a history of impulsive behavior. If you are in need of emergency services please contact a local hotline or in-person therapy services with a qualified health care provider. I will be more than happy to help arrange this for you if needed.