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  1. I am very happy with my time spent with Angela. We use our time efficiently, and she is helping me reach my mental health goals, such as increasing my self esteem and positive thinking.
    Angela is a great addition to my support team, as she is assertive and honest, and helps keep my mental health on track and in check.

  2. Mackenzie on said:

    Angela is absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their thinking and move towards living a more positive life. Talking with Angela feels like talking to a friend because she is so down to earth and personable. Angela helped me deal with my anxiety and worked with me to find strategies that were best for my lifestyle. Her office is very warm and cozy and makes you feel very comfortable. I am so thankful for having had the opportunity to work with Angela.

  3. It is often times difficult to find a counselor/therapist who you clique with. After relocating from another state I was hesitant to search for another therapist and tell my story all over again. I found I liked her style and her matter of fact approach. She drives you to improve while knowing when you need tough love or to cut yourself some slack. She has a broad range of resources and approaches. I consider myself fortunate to have found her. she has helped guide me in my process of dealing with my issues, self acceptance and healing

  4. Angela Rose on said:

    I went to Angela for a number of personal problems I was having, including the deep depression that went along with those problems. Angela addressed them directly and helped me work through each of them successfully. She is very easy to talk to and is an experienced, knowledgeable and empathetic therapist. Sessions with her were not only helpful, but enjoyable and positive. I always left her office feeling better, with helpful suggestions for improvement. My life is now immeasurably better because of her.

  5. Angela is a wonderful counselor for couples! She’s very easy to talk to, sees both sides of the story and gave us a safe place to tackle the tough issues. She gave us great tools for everyday communication and helped us build a strong foundation for the future. Our relationship feels stronger today than ever before. Thank you for your help!

  6. Hi Angela,

    You are the BEST therapist I have had in all these years.  You care about your patients and
    you take the time to go above and beyond to help them.  I really really appreciate you doing
    that for me.   You are the type of therapist everyone should have to help them.
    I am so glad that I found YOU as a therapist!  I feel comfortable with you and I am very
    happy that you take the time to explain things to me that I don’t understand.
    I also want you to know that I always feel better after seeing you.

  7. Angela has been a wonderful help to me in my time of need. She provides a safe place to vent, cry, grow, and overcome. I am not sure I would be in such a good place in my life but for her assistance. The work she does, and has you do, is insightful, tailored, and truly helpful. Thank you for all of your help!

  8. Scot M. on said:

    Angela has been such a great influence to me. I have been going to her to find my true inner happiness. She has offered compassion as well as a honest facts that has helped me find what I am looking for. You can’t go wrong when talking to angela. Thank you for helping me find true happiness. Your the best.

  9. Scot M. on said:

    Angela’s experience in helping people find themselves is a true gift. Whether you are working on yourself or your relationship she brings a sense of calmness to your situation. She listens and understands what your going through while at the same time telling you what is best for you to do in that given moment. She will not sugar coat a situation, but help guide you in a direction of self happiness. Thank you Angela for your strength and guidance in my time of need. Your the best.

  10. Break ups and new towns are tough. Angela is fantastic, reliable, knowledgeable, fun and easy to talk to. She really helped hold me accountable for getting back out there and relieving my stresses through journaling and digging into scenario’s with a different mindset. She taught me how to journal effectively and offered a different opinion and mindset that helped me out of a rut. I appreciate the work Angela does and I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Thank You Angela.

  11. My wife and I were having communication breakdown issues when we went to see Angela. All couples have to communicate to work through issues and sometimes things get in the way of this open flow of information and thoughts. We were in a bad spot in our marriage and I wanted to keep the family together because that is what I believe in, plus we have a small bit we both love very much. Through her help and exercises to try to ease this process, we are stronger than ever and each have a much deeper appreciation for the sacrifices that we both have made to come this far and to continue down the path of love and life. Thank you for helping me to save our marriage and for helping my wife see all that was worth saving. If you have problems from large to small, Angela is equipped to handle them all.

  12. Matthew on said:

    I’ve been talking to Angela for several months now, and she’s been so helpful. I started seeing her because I’m transitioning from female to male, and she listened to everything I had to say without judgement. When I was ready to start testosterone, she helped me find an endocrinologist who I feel safe with. We’ve talked about changes as they’ve happened so far, and made sure that everything is happening as it should.
    Although that was my main reason for making the first appointment, she’s helped me work through a lot of other parts of my life, too. I feel like I can be open with her, and she never pressures me to talk about something if I’m not ready. She’s very understanding and I’ve never had any regrets about sharing anything with her. I have a lot of resources, coping skills that work for me, and information now, thanks to her. She’s made sure that I know I’m always welcome to reach out to her if I ever need to. Angela is the best counselor I could have asked for, and I’ll definitely recommend her to anyone who needs to talk or get through a hard time. Thank you for everything!

  13. Samantha on said:

    Angela is truly amazing. I wasn’t originally on board for Couple’s Counceling but Angela made it such a welcoming experience. I would recommend her to anyone seeking counceling, whether it be for yourself or a couple. She is easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and even when my partner and I were difficult to deal with, she gave her all to us both. She listens, understands, and makes sure you know you’re feelings are being heard. It’s obvious that she loves her job and her patients. I really appreciate how actively involved she is throughout the course of treatment! Thank you Angela!

  14. Christina on said:

    I had the great pleasure of seeing Angela several times before moving to Wisconsin. She is very kind and easy to talk to. I was very worried about seeking a counselor because I figured it would not help me. But after seeing Angela a few times she made me feel very comfortable and it was very easy to talk to her. I would recommend her to anyone who is going through ruff times or simply just to talk to someone.

  15. Angela is a wonderful counselor. She has helped many members of my family. She is very easy to talk to and is a very sweet woman. I’ve already made progress in many aspects of my life and continue to do so with the help of her guidance. She is very knowledgeable in the subject matter of her expertise and has many great suggestions. I have, and will continue to, highly recommend her for any counseling needs. Thank you Angela! You’re the best!

  16. Angela Bulla-Brown is an incredible counselor. She truly listens and was there the moment I needed her most. Life can be difficult and she is truly a professional that has helped guide me and find additional resources to improve my thought process before making decisions. She is kind, caring yet focused on what I need to enhance my life and make the most of what goes on daily… I intend to continue with her for the long-term. I believe therapy is a tool that we can all use. Angela is not a therapist that sits behind the desk with out any interaction. She uses building blocks with each visit. Thank you for choosing this profession. You are making a difference in my life and that carries through to my family.

  17. Loren P. on said:

    Angela is amazing and has been such a positive influence in my life. I have gone to different counseling and never felt quite so comfortable or truly valued what was being said to me. Angela is different, she makes me feel so comfortable … It’s always really easy to be myself and not feel judged. She does a great job at really listening and truly caring …. You can always tell when someone truly cares – she is very passionate about what she does. Ever since I started going to angela I am able to be self aware and not only able to understand my feelings, thoughts and emotions; but also able to reason within myself and with guidance from angela on where these feelings are coming from. She helps me understand and put things into a perspective I wouldn’t be able to achieve with out her. I ALWAYS feel better after leaving her office, I will forever be grateful for what Angela has taught me and I know that I will never forget what she has helped me instill in my everyday life. Thank you so much for truly being there for me, you’ve made such a difference in my life and I appreciate you so much!!!!!!

  18. Stephen on said:

    I have seen Angela several times; her office is warm and inviting which makes the first several sessions more comfortable. She is friendly, kind and I got the feeling she genuinely cared and wanted to help in achieving my goals in life. She spent a lot of time with me even when I did not have an appointment.This made me feel that she really did care. Angela incorporates different interactive tools which you get to take with you after your appointment which help to reinforce what you learned during your session. Before seeing Angela I saw another counselor which did not work so I am glad I stumbled across her. I would recommend Angela if you want a counselor that does not go through the motion but sincerely cares about you and is actively involved in your treatment. Thank you Angela!!

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